Interscope has deleted Blurred Lines from ITUNES. With Blurred Lines being like the biggest song ever, and Lady Gaga releasing her lead single soon, it will likely get blocked. Interscope is deliberately trying to make Blurred Lines fail, so that Lady Gaga can debut at #1.

It sounds ridiculous, but this isn’t the first time this has happened. We all remember their sneaky games to sabotage Flo Rida/Ke$ha the week before Boom Boom Pow got released so Gaga’s Poker Face could get a week at #1.

By repressing the “Blurred Lines” song for one week, only to release it back on iTunes when Katy releases her single. With that extra week of demand built up, Blurred Lines would be an even bigger threat to her.

Why is Gaga so afraid of Katy Perry?

Is Gaga able to accomplish anything in her career without stealing, lying or cheating?